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1988 PONTIAC Fiero 1G2PE11R6JP219416 VIN decoded

1988 PONTIAC Fiero 1G2PE11R6JP219416 VIN Report

Manufactured in UNITED STATES (USA)

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17 Nov 2022 16:11:45

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24 Jun 2022 22:06:11

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22 Jul 2021 04:07:08

IN SEARCH OF STELLA That's what my daughter had named her car. She is a white 1988 Fiero. She should be all stock, automatic, 132,000 miles on her, no trunk luggage rack - she has the wing fin. She wasn't fancy but we loved her. Her VIN# is 1G2PE11R6JP219416. I am looking for Stella because on December 14th, 2020, I lost my daughter in a house fire. She was 26. That car was her pride and joy, next to her 7 year old daughter. That was the car she learned how to work on cars on. Many a busted knuckle and frustration were to be had with that car. Many beautiful memories were to be had with that car....for all three of us. My daughter even got into showing the car and went to the Fierorama in 2017. Just prior to my daughter's death, she had to sell her precious Stella because she needed a vehicle to move and you can't move much in a Fiero. It was her only option at the time. I can't bring my daughter back for my grand daughter but I can try to find the car that she remembers her Mommy having the longest. Please help make a little girl smile again... Thank you

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