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2017 FORD Escape 1FMCU0F72HUC91915 VIN decoded

2017 FORD Escape 1FMCU0F72HUC91915 VIN Report

Manufactured in UNITED STATES (USA)

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Josh Opray

27 Nov 2021 19:11:17

What part of trade in or have your car report did you not understand?!?

Josh Opray

31 Oct 2021 02:10:19

This weird and unstable owner decided to get the car inspected. 3 months early no less. Just turn the car in if you don't want it to be around with you anymore

Josh Opray

9 Sep 2021 20:09:48

The ford escape's owner (Francis Mientka) made a fake scam attempt against me and nearly fooled me into believing him when Kenneth Landry set up the whole scam process and is harassing me as we speak. And picking random names out of a bucket to create fake accounts ain't cool. Repo the car or trade it in. Either way, I'm having my friends at a car dealership buy it from wherever you trade it into.

Josh Opray

23 Aug 2021 22:08:27

Not for nothing but Kenneth Landry should be grateful I did not call him. I would lash out at him for being neglective on that car.

Josh Opray

5 Aug 2021 21:08:38

This so called Owner is being really ridiculous by not trading in the car or surrendering the vehicle. (1FMCU0F72HUC91915) I am still not giving up on finding out what this psychotic person is doing. Landry must be locked up for theft and unsolicited car buying.

Josh Opray

24 Jun 2021 00:06:38

This psycho owner is definitely named Kenneth Landry and is using fake accounts to harass me for no reason. What a troll. #LockLandryUp

Josh Opray

26 May 2021 15:05:55

If this car is not turned in to a dealership by June 30, 2021 there will be another craigslist advertisement put up exposing the car.

Josh Opray

23 Mar 2021 23:03:10

Owner = Mientka, Margaret or James. They are now exposed and have been on my own blog

Josh Opray

16 Feb 2021 21:02:11

#current1fmcu0f72huc91915ownergate The hashtag is there for a reason.

Josh Opray

27 Jan 2021 20:01:08

I'm shocked that the Ford Escape here has 32,480 Miles now. That's a good thing to hear after they finally decided to have it inspected.

Josh Opray

21 Jan 2021 21:01:23

The owner of this vehicle has intentionally refused to trade in or have their car reposessed by Marcotte Ford which by the way is where this Ford Escape was most recently last sold at. Their address(es) could very well be 4 Stowell Street, Leeds, Massachusetts 01053 or 9 Heffernan Street, Leeds, Massachusetts 01053 and I'm still on the hunt for this person because they are not maintaining my uncle's 2017 Ford Escape S at all. Ya see, we were the original owners of this vehicle, and we wanted to buy it back at the time, which we still do, but that never happened (yet). They have a loan on this car and I have all the loan information from Registry of Motor Vehicles. Title Number is CA510733, And the bank that has the loan is American Eagle Federal Credit Union. Further more, if the owner isn't comfortable with maintaining the car at Marcotte, they could've at least gone to a reputable repair shop that reports service history to CARFAX and/or AutoCheck. And did they? Nope. Not at all. Either way, this car needs to go back on the market just for that reason alone, this Ford Escape was a reliable vehicle when we had it. We used this Ford Escape for work, hauling heavy construction equipment and large boxes that scratched up the inside but the car still lasted when we had no choice but to get rid of it due to high monthly payments that were clearly $600 a month. And the final thing is, if we had the chance to buy back this car, we would do it in a heartbeat. We have down payment money, we will be happy to finance this car. We also will be happy to make use of the car, while going to a reputable shop to maintain this vehicle. And if the owner is reading this, then they better get rid of that car ASAP!!!

Josh Opray

17 Jan 2021 02:01:26

This Car is currently located in Leeds, Massachusetts 01053 and I know what the address is, but I'm not posting it here (yet)

Josh Opray

17 Jan 2021 02:01:49

I am still looking for this 2017 Ford Escape S VIN 1FMCU0F72HUC91915 and the car should've been repoed. This person should've either traded it in or repo it because they are a danger to the car, and they've never maintained it. This was originally my uncle's car and We are planning to buy it back from a dealership, not from the owner that isn't maintaining it at all.

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