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2005 DODGE Neon 1B3ES56C75D166791 VIN decoded

2005 DODGE Neon 1B3ES56C75D166791 VIN Report

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Charles Pursley

15 Apr 2021 23:04:23

My mother owned this car and gave it to my brother July 2019 this car was registered in West Virginia when she passed away in September of 2019 he being Gary Allen Pursley switched the tags to Tenn. Tags he has been living here since June of 2019 and has not left West Virginia since I know because he lives across the road from me.In the state of West Virginia you are required to pay property taxes which includes your vehicle, home, and land.In the state of Tenn. you are not He has been driving illegally on Tenn. Tags since either Sept. or Oct 2019 to avoid paying his taxes The reason I'm reporting him is very plan Our parents didn't raise use to be like this plus he has an obligation just like every one else to pay his taxes plus he is a heavy drinker and been driving drunk none of us in our familey feels it's right we have talked to him able this and tells us to keep our nose out of his business I am hoping u act on this quickly his address is 190 Hill Dr. Ronceverte, WV 24970

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